PresidentRyan Waters (2026)Assoc. ManagerDiane Limer
1st Vice PresidentKim Mank (2025)2nd Vice PresidentBrian Goguen (2027)
Sgt. at ArmsDebbie Booker (2025)
DirectorMelissa Forrest (2024)DirectorOPEN (2027)
DirectorDavid Laird, Sr. (2027)DirectorDavid Laird, Jr. (2027)
DirectorDebbie Laird (2027)DirectorDiane Limer (2027)
Director(OPEN – 2024)DirectorTodd Percival (2025)
DirectorRickie Petersen (2025)DirectorRobert Smalls (2025)
DirectorPatrick Waters (2025)DirectorHarley Romedy (2025)
Director(OPEN – 2025)DirectorDonna Evans (2026)
DirectorChad Friedmann (2026)DirectorSiobhan Goguen (2026)
DirectorJim Hall (2026)DirectorJodie Laird (2026)
DirectorDiane Wright (2026)DirectorNichol Turner (2026)
Board of Directors shown above are as of 6/13/2024; Terms end July 31st of the year noted in parentheses. Please contact the Association President or Association Manager if interested in fulfilling a Director role on the Board and/or a Committee Member role (no requirement to join the Board).